British Sighthound Field Association


Lure coursing rules



Trials will commence, if possible, at 9.45am and the main runs at 10am, but this is dependent on the course being ready. All hounds wishing to take part in the event must be registered by 9.30am or they could miss the first run. Your entry must arrive with us seven days prior to the meeting.

General Rules

Whippet Lure Coursing in the UK

1. Dogs running in pairs are to be slipped together. If, in the opinion of the Huntmaster- dogs are not slipped on the command (the T of TallyHo) both preslip (early release) or postslip (delayed release) penalties can apply.

2. When only one dog of a pair is disqualified the other dog, is allowed another run. In this circumstance the dog will run with another dog, of the same breed. The handler is to endeavour to find another dog- the committee will allow any dog that has already run to run again (with no fee)- or alternately a trial dog, may be used. In either case both are to wear coats so that the Judges are not aware that only one dog is in the competition.

3. When running in pairs dogs may be muzzled at handlers/owners discretion. If one handler/owner of a pair requests that dogs are to be muzzled both dogs will be muzzled.

4. Single Runs: When there are 6 or more dogs entered in a particular breed they are to run in pairs with the following, exceptions:

a. Veterans can run singly or in pairs at the handler/owner discretion.
b. New dogs at their first two meetings, can run singly or in pairs at the handler/owner discretion.
c. For breeds with 5 or less entries dogs can run singly or in pairs at the handler/owner discretion.
d. For breeds with 6 or more entered dogs must compete as a pair to be eligible for Best of Breed
e. Four (4) or more dogs need to Compete in a breed for a Best of Breed to be awarded.

5. Dogs must be at least one year old to run at our events.

6. At any point during a run, the judges may excused, dismiss or disqualify a hound. There are numerous reasons to be excused (such as coursing another hound). A hound may be dismissed for interfering, either playfully or aggressively, with another hound's course. An excused or dismissal means that the hound may not run that course again.

7. All dogs not under starters orders MUST be on a lead. Failure will incur an immediate and strictly enforced £10 fine.

8. All litter must be deposited in sacks provided. Owners must clean up after their own dogs using plastic bags provided.

11. All people to stay in spectator areas as specified, until their dogs are due to run.

12. You will require a coat for the dog to run in either red or white.

Selection of pairs

Whippet Lure Coursing in the UK

Members are expected to arrange pairs amongst themselves on the day. The pair numbers to be put on course number board and given to the collecting ring steward on the calling of your course number. If members are unable to find a dog to pair with they are to advise the secretary. In this case the committee will use their best endeavours to arrange a pairing.

Trials vs. Fun runs

Trials are held before first and second competition runs and are for dogs that have not previously run in competition. A dog can run in as many trials at different meetings to get him going. As soon as he runs in Competition he will not be able to trial again.

Only KC registered sighthounds and breed Club Rescue sighthounds can be entered for trials or competition. All paid for trials will have their runs.

Fun runs take place at the discretion of the lure operator and commence after all afternoon competition runs have been finished. Fees for fun runs are collected on the entrance to the ring.



Although the club do have a few running coats primarily for members at their first meeting, it is the responsibility of members to provide coats for their dogs. Both red and white coats of a suitable size will be required.