British Sighthound Field Association


24th June 2018

This meeting was originally scheduled to take place on the 17th June. Unfortunately, the field had been doubled booked for that date and so our meeting was moved to the 24th, leaving us clashing with several big shows. This, and the spell of very hot weather we had been having, kept numbers down to 47 which after the huge entry last month wasn't unwelcome. Farm Manager Bryan had left a good covering of grass to provide a cushion on the hard ground and Chris (Cloke) had designed an appropriate course. I am happy to say that, to date, I have no injuries reported.

We did find a pair of glasses and a someone lost a white racing muzzle.

We had the rare honour of having a TV crew around, filming for a Channel 5 program called "The Wonderful World of Puppies". They have been following Committee member Hilary Tringham's two home bred Silken Windhounds as they start to train for what I'm sure will be a great career as lure coursers. The first episode was screened two weeks ago but is still available on the Channel 5 website. I think it will be a while until we get to see the footage from the meeting though.

The heat as the afternoon wore on was towering and many people, understandably, left as soon as their course was finished. So the presentation at the end of the day was very short and sweet.  Many thanks to Masha's company Dog Moda for the generous donation of goodies for the winning dogs.

Everything ran smoothly (thankfully!) and we finished and packed up early enough to hold a Committee meeting afterwards where the main topic of conversation was July's meeting where Julia and Chris (Cloke) will be absent! There is a plan about how the day will be organised which includes me acting as a judge for the day. This will mean that the results will not be processed on the day but should be available a day or two after the meeting and a triple presentation - to include those winners absent yesterday - will be held at the August meeting.

Thank you to every who helped out on the field and to the people who turned up and coped with the days heat.

Lastly, I have to see how wonderful it is to see some really talented dogs trialling again this month, the saluki group in particular have some very promising new members and prospective members.

Judges: Masha Shaverneva and Sandra Marcovecchio. Thanks you to both of them for judging in the middle of a heat wave, especially Masha who has judged two meetings in a row.

Lure Drivers: Chris Cloke and Liz Hales. This was Liz' first time lure driving which, she tells me, she thoroughly enjoyed.

Course Distance: 500 metres / 540 yards.

Course Layout: By Chris Cloke.

Ground Conditions: The ground was pretty hard but with a good cushion of grass.


Entries: A total of 47 dogs were entered, with 3 absent on the day.

Trials: Ten trials, including the most beautiful borzoi called Hendrix.

Best Of Breed:

Saluki: Summer Shay Jay Jay

Whippet: Winterfellin Gotta Dash

Whippet Veteran: Laguna Lively Leveret, who must be commended for also being second overall.

Basenji: Aksaifleet I'm Jaguar

Silken Windhounds: Kushbudar Chu Chulain

Mixed Group: Ayoubkhan Nightshade

Best In Field: Winterfellin Gotta Dash, who earned his final two points needed to become a Lure Courser of Merit.

Judges Choice: Woodella True Song, who followed the lure well and really stretched out while running.

Judges Choice: Laguna Lively Leveret for best retrieve. Who on catching the lure, also brought it back!

Full Results are shown in the table below:

Mixed Group
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
Afghan Hound
69 22 3 Ayoubkhan Nightshade (1st) Daw, G
41.5 28 4 Ayoubkhan Fleur de Mer (2nd) Daw, G
0 29 3 Lizanthe Al Zafir Daw, G
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
74.5 19 1 Nganga’s Princess Snow White (BIC) Palubicki, J
82 9 2 Aksaifleet I’m Jaguar (BOB) Kirpalani, A
77 16 2 Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah Holloway, T
77 16 3 Woodella True Song (BIC) Palubicki, J
71 21 3 Crystal Javelin Ontario Holloway, T
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
83.5 8 2 Zeyna (BIC) Crane, D & A
84 7 3 Summer Shay Jay Jay (BOB) Snape, S
68.5 23 3 Charrioak Delta Leonis Snape, S & K
30 3 Eshaal Schafer, A
30 3 Legolas Schafer, A
75.5 17 4 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab (BIC) Snape, S
75 18 4 Rana Shakespeare, K & S A
73 20 4 Lucy Kench, M & S
Silken Windhound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
84.5 1 2 3 Kushbudar Chu Chulain (BOB) Tringham, H
83.5 2 3 Kushbudhar The Hearts Cry Lewis, S
81 4 3 Allagante Jubilee of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
83 3 4 ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera Tringham, H
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
90 1 2 2 Winterfellin Gotta Dash (BIF) Elliott, E
88 4 0.5 2 Laguna Lawn’s Lupin Wainman, L M
86.5 5 2 Laguna Lefren Lawen Newman, J & Moriarty, E
83.5 8 2 Nattah Venus' One Dream Severn, J
82 9 2 Shalfleet Silk Masque Dyson, L
81.5 10 2 Reflejando En Negra Severn, J
81 11 2 Winterfellin Pipsqueak of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
79.5 13 2 Licketysplit One Of A Kind Marshall, BP & TA
78.5 15 2 Laguna Lawns Luna Of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
75 18 2 Magia Blaco Severn, J
74.5 19 2 Collooney Candy Crush Bayley, A
86 6 3 Nattah Butterfly Kisses (BIC) Severn, J
83.5 8 3 Windfly Merry Monkey of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
79 14 3 Nattah Mazarine Blue Edwards, L
78.5 15 3 Cloia Aur Milgi Marshall, BP & TA
65.5 24 3 Bella Maria Severn, J
89.5 2 1 4 Laguna Lively Leveret (BIC) Newman, J & Moriarty, E
89 3 0.5 4 Nattah Elouise Moon Severn, J
89 3 0.5 4 Laguna Lucie Lockett Wainman, L M
80.5 12 4 Moonlake Make a Wish Robertson, G
64.5 25 4 Deljorhea He's The One at Nattah Severn, J
56.5 26 4 Rosemary in Blue at Nattah Severn, J
54.5 27 4 Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah Severn, J
30 4 Nipalong Minkie Moon Hales, D & L