British Sighthound Field Association


23rd September 2018

Meeting report by Graham Daw, Chairman.

What started out as a cold, wet day finished as a lovely sunny day.

The grass had been left uncut to give a bit of padding as the soil underneath was still quite firm, a few minor potholes were filled in but on the whole the field was in good shape.

Set-up took place with everyone togged up in waterproofs and wellies and considering the weather it all went fairly smoothly. The only minor worry was the drive belt on the lure machine slipping but after drying it off all was well. A very big thank you to all who turned out to set up, it was very much appreciated.

Entries were low with only 64 dogs booked in but given the weather forecast this wasn't surprising. As it was 48 dogs ran both am and pm courses.

Course length was about 500 yards in the 'Tulip' (ish) shape. The morning run (clockwise) tested a few dogs as one of the turns didn't go the obvious way and caught a few out.

For the afternoon runs the sun came out, the waterproofs came off and the dogs had their revenge on the lure with a lot of them anticipating the first turn accurately and catching it.

Fly not being at the meet wasn't too much of a problem as she had prepared everything beforehand and I had been well briefed (programmed). Many thanks to Hilary Tringham for (wo)manning base camp for much of the day.

About halfway through the morning run one of the judges, Gary Peskett, started feeling a unwell and so was helped off the field. A hot cup of tea and a sit down in a warm car soon sorted him out. By the time the sun came out he was back on his feet and able to watch the rest of the days coursing. Another big thank you here, this time to David Crane, for stepping in and judging for the rest of the day.

There were some great runs during the meet from all breeds with a rather fabulous fun run finale of three well matched Salukis forming a hunting "flock".

With such low entries and plenty of help packing up (more thank you's here to all who stayed on to help) we were all done and dusted by 4.30pm.

For a day that we had grave weather/field condition concerns about earlier in the week it ended up being a lovely day and a joy to watch the dogs having a blast again.

Results Summary

Mixed Group: Laavas Opportunity Scent
Basenji: Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah
Silken Windhound: Kushbudhar Chu Chulain
Saluki: Zeyna
Whippet: Laguna Lefren Lawen
Veteran Whippet: Laguna Lively Leveret

Best In Field: Laguna Lefren Lawen

Full Results in table below

Mixed Group
Afghan Hound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
82 7 2 Laavas Opportunity Scent (BOG) Woodward, P
73 21 2 Laavas Opportunity Knocks Woodward, P
76.5 13 1 Mischran Solaris (2nd) Gallagher, K & Airey, K
40 26 4 Mournebrake Cookies 'n' Cream Parkinson, R
Pharaoh Hound
73.5 20 2 Zookie (3rd) Svaldenyte, A
69 24 0 Samba Tien, S
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
73.5 20 1 Nganga’s Princess Snow White (BIC) Palubicki, J
77 12 2 Aksaifleet I'm Cheetah (BOB) Holloway, T
70 23 3 Woodella True Song (BIC) Palubicki, J
69 24 3 Crystal Javelin Ontario Holloway, T
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
75.5 15 1 Qazal Sarbaz Har Kala Rachi (BIC) Shaverneva, M & Rhodes, S
80 10 2 Zeyna (BOB) Crane, D & A
75 16 2 Garamiyas Rostam Hoggren, L
77 12 3 Bonnie (BIC) Gunn, C & Thorley, A
75.5 15 3 Summer Shay Jay Jay Snape, S
75.5 15 3 Charrioak Delta Leonis Snape, S & K
73 21 4 Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
77 12 4 Lucy (BIC) Kench, M & S
Silken Windhound
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
83 3 Kushbudar Chu Chulain Tringham, H
77 4 ISWS Ch. Allagante Winsome Riviera Tringham, H
Score Rank Points Class Name Owner
80.5 9 0 Zoraden Paint It Black (BIC) Webber, D
74.5 17 0 Willingwisp Skylark Alexander-Scowen, K
83 6 0.5 1 Evaluna Black Orchid (BIC) Serviour, B
85.5 1 2 2 Laguna Lefren Lawen (BIF) Newman, J & Moriarty, E
85 2 1 2 Moonlake My Way Robertson, G
83.5 5 0.5 2 Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes Cloke, J
81 8 2 Laguna Lawn’s Lupin Wainman, L M
81 8 2 Wheatroyd Banksy Smith, C
74.5 17 2 Reflejando En Negra Severn, J
74 19 2 Laguna Laces Loki Parkinson, N
71.5 22 2 Magia Blaco Severn, J
84 4 0.5 3 Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes (BIC) Cloke, J
82 7 3 Vensuter Wheal Chimes Cloke, J
77.5 11 3 Ladygrove Dosey Doe Johnstone, E & D
76 14 3 Diamond Web Webber, D
75.5 15 3 Nattah Butterfly Kisses Severn, J
74.5 17 3 Just A Dash Parkinson, N
74.5 17 3 Mulcair Must Contain Nutz Armstrong, M A
74,5 18 3 Nattah Mazarine Blue Edwards, L
71.5 22 3 Nattah Silver Lining Severn, J
84.5 3 1 4 Laguna Lively Leveret (BIC) Newman, J & Moriarty, E
80 10 4 Moonlake Make a Wish Robertson, G
77.5 11 4 Laguna Lucie Lockett Wainman, L M
74.5 17 4 Derohan Attraction Webber, D
77 12 4 Nattah Elouise Moon Severn, J
70 23 4 Rosemary in Blue at Nattah Severn, J
64.5 25 4 Deljorhea He's The One at Nattah Severn, J