British Sighthound Field Association


2017 Lure Courser of the Year Awards

Afghan Hound

Best of Breed: Altside Donna Karen, owned by K Craft & I Stevens
Reserve: Ayoubkhan Nightshade, owned by G Daw
Best Veteran: Ayoubkhan Fleur de Mer, owned by G Daw


Best of Breed: Zeyna owned by A & D Crane
Reserve: Summer Shay Jay Jay owned by S Snape
Best Veteran: Rana owned by S & K Shakespeare

Silken Windhound

Best of Breed: Kushbudhar Chu Chulain owned by H & M Tringham
Reserve: ISWS Ch Allagante Winsome Riviera owned by H & M Tringham


Best of Breed: Winterfellin Gotta Dash owned by E Elliott
Reserve: Laguna Lawn's Lupin owned by L Wainman
Best Veteran: Nipalong Minkie Moon owned by L Hales
Reserve Veteran: Winterfellin Rosa Belle owned by S Layfield

Mixed Group

Best of Group: Woodella True Song (Basenji) owned by J Palubicki

Overall Lure Courser of the Year

Winterfellin Gotta Dash (Whippet) owned by E Elliott

1 Whippet Winterfellin Gotta Dash Elliott, E
2 Whippet Laguna Lawn’s Lupin Wainman, L M
3 Saluki Zeyna Crane, D & A
3 Saluki Summer Shay Jay Jay Snape, S
3 Whippet Dhamadhatu Saffron Moon Walker, J
4 Whippet Ameesha Pure Satin Hill, P
5 Whippet Laguna Lefren Lawen Newman, J & Moriarty, E
6 Whippet Nipalong Minkie Moon Hales, D & L
7 Whippet Nattah Butterfly Kisses Severn, J
8 Whippet Winterfellin Merry Mayhem Layfield, S
8 Whippet Moonlake My Way Robertson, G
8 Whippet Ameesha Pina Colada Walker, J
9 Whippet Dashing Dexter Hill, P
10 Whippet Winterfellin Rosa Belle Layfield, S
11 Whippet Olympic Warrior Hill, P
11 Whippet Moonlake Mazda Robertson, G
11 Whippet Veruglas Simply Saffron Walker, J
11 Whippet Dark Wing Webber, D
12 Whippet Cloia Aur Milgi Marshall, BP & TA
12 Whippet Laguna Laces Loki Parkinson, N
13 Whippet Nattah Mazarine Blue Edwards, L
14 Whippet Twiggen Tit For Tat Ryan, C
15 Whippet Maverick Dusky Moon Hill, P
15 Whippet Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan Osborne, C
16 Whippet Winterfell Tinkers Pride Layfield, S
17 Whippet Lavebella Diamond Destiny Bell, G
17 Whippet Little Rosie Brown, G
17 Whippet Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes Cloke, J
17 Whippet Winterfellin Pipsqueak of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
17 Whippet Wheatroyd Banksy Smith, C
18 Whippet Wheatroyd Blissful Chimes Cloke, J
18 Whippet Licketysplit One Of A Kind Marshall, BP & TA
19 Saluki Rana Shakespeare, K & S A
20 Whippet Wheatroyd Monet Hutt, N & L
21 Whippet Ghost Train Rider of Pepwith Gee, L & K
21 Whippet Ladygrove Dosey Doe Johnstone, E & D
21 Whippet Derohan Bronze Angel Osborne, C
21 Whippet Nattah Elouise Moon Severn, J
21 Whippet Dhamadhatu Babbling Brook Walker, J
22 Whippet Vensuter Wheal Chimes Cloke, J
22 Whippet Laguna Lawns Luna Of Cairdean Shakespeare, K & S A
23 Whippet Just A Dash Parkinson, N
24 Whippet Laguna Laylas Lancer at Lavebella Bell, G
24 Whippet Ryemeadows Roo Bell, G
24 Whippet Veruglas Simply Saffron Walker, J
25 Whippet Apricot Sunrise Gee, L & K
26 Saluki Lucy Kench, M & S
27 Whippet Nattah Kiss of Snow Norman, A
28 Whippet Derohan Viking Flagship Osborne, C
28 Whippet Diamond Web Webber, D
29 Whippet Barmoll's Bears Boy Marcovecchio, S B
29 Whippet Nattah Venus' One Dream Severn, J
29 Whippet Reflejando En Negra Severn, J
30 Saluki Charrioak Jabhat al Akrab Snape, S
30 Whippet Loroli Lets Do It with Derohan Osborne, C
31 Basenji Woodella True Song Palubicki, J
32 Whippet Harerunner Heaven Sent Johnstone, E & D
33 Whippet Derohan Pour Moi JW Osborne, C
34 Afghan Hound Altside Donna Karen Craft, K & Stevens, I
35 Afghan Hound Ayoubkhan Nightshade Daw, G
35 Whippet Laguna Lucie Lockett Wainman, L M
36 Whippet Laguna Lauras Livius Chandler, K
37 Whippet Deljorhea He's The One at Nattah Severn, J
38 Afghan Hound Altside In Your Dreams Craft, K & Stevens, I
38 Sloughi Lizanthe Al Zafir Daw, G
38 Whippet Rosemary in Blue at Nattah Severn, J
39 Whippet Nattah Sunbeam Norman, A
40 Afghan Hound Ayoubkhan Jasmine Craft, K & Stevens, I
40 Whippet Laguna Lauras Laertes Chandler, K
41 Afghan Hound Ayoubkhan Firethorn Craft, K & Stevens, I
42 Afghan Hound Ayoubkhan Fleur de Mer Daw, G
42 Borzoi Mournebrake Cookies 'n' Cream Parkinson, R
43 Whippet Nattah Silver Lining Severn, J
44 Afghan Hound Sarakhan Sherdan Gray, L
45 Whippet Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah Severn, J
46 Afghan Hound Ayoubkhan Fleur de Genievre Gray, L