British Sighthound Field Association


If you are new to lure coursing and the BSFA



Your dog must be a sighthound and must be registered with the Kennel Club or, if they are a rescue, they must have been adopted through one of the official breed rescues. Foreign born dogs will be accepted if they are registered with the official body in their own country. If you are unsure whether your dog is eligible please email the Membership Secretary.




You may like to bring your dog along to a meeting and let them run in our trials.

A trial is an opportunity for the dog to get used to chasing the lure. Most sighthounds don't need much training or practice but occasionally a dog does not take to the lure and so this gives you a chance to see how your dog likes it before committing to joining the BSFA and entering your dog in competition. Your dogs performance will not be evaluated by the judges.

We run two trials sessions at each meeting, one before the morning competition runs and one before the afternoon runs. You may run your dog in either session or both. We aim to start the morning trials at 9:45 am and so it is recommended that you arrive in time to book your dog in no later than 9:30 am. On arrival, find the horse box that we use as an office and you will be asked to fill your name and dogs name in on the trials sheet and pay the fee of £2.50 per dog. You will be given a trials ticket and further instructions. We are a friendly group and you will be given all the help you need to get started.

Your dog can run in trials for as long as you feel is necessary for them to get the idea of chasing the lure. Once they move on to competitions they may not return to running trials unless there is a reason such as after a while out of competition due to injury or illness.



About The Venue

Find directions to our venue.

The meetings take place in a field. We have Port-a-loo's available but no refreshments. You may like to bring bring food and drink for yourselves and your dog. Camping chairs and gazebos are allowed but no barbeques please.


Owners must clear up after their dogs and all rubbish should be placed in the bin bags provided.


Your dog must be kept on the lead at all times unless they are running. Due to the danger posed by loose dogs running onto the coursing field while dogs are running, there is a £10 fine for any loose dogs, whether not they run onto the coursing field.